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In each area of expertise, J&H - Advogados provides legal services via, amongst many, the following:
Issuance of legal opinions and information and Follow-up of procedures and negotiations; Representation in jurisdictional dispute resolution procedures, including mediation and arbitration; Elaboration of drafts of legal texts, of high scientific value and ensured topicality.

Why us?

The office is organized in order to provide a effectively and timely response to its clients
in order to meet their legal support needs and to offer specialized services, in particular through the provision of legal consultations, in the following modalities
We provide presential consultations, at the office, by prior appointment and based on our schedule availability. For this purpose, we request the contact through one of the means indicated on the website, and the presential consultation can be carried out according to the request formulated by the client and our availability.
At J&H - Advogados, we also provide email inquiries to clients who prefer, or who are not available to go to the office. Due to the complexity of the question, and as long as we are provided with the necessary elements to analyze the problem in its essential con- tours and in compliance with the professional rules to the client with the value of the consultation and the means of payment.
J&H - Advogados represents its clients in courts, in contexts of civil and labour litigation, drawing up and implementing the appropriate legal and procedural strategies, performing all functions concerning in civil and labor actions, including restraining orders, refutation of dismissals, contractual qualification, occupational accidents claims, labour actions concerning administrative offences, civil liability actions and actions regarding civil and commercial contracts, among others.
We propose to the clients the appropriate procedural strategies to the achievement of the intended objectives. For that purpose, J&H - Advogados represents its clients in the administrative and tax courts, performing all functions concerning the administrative area, in particular special admin- istrative actions of refutation of administrative acts, common administrative actions to declare unlawful rules, and other public entities, actions for the resolution of contractual disputes, as well as all types of restraining orders and urgent procedures.
The team ensures constant monitoring in all phases of the criminal process, whether it be inquiry, fact-finding, judgment or appeals.
Frequently Asked Questions

What's Mediation?
Mediation is an extrajudicial, private and voluntary, procedure of conflicts resolution and is especially dedicated to all litigation in which there is an interest of its stakeholders to fulfill the consequences of the solution to be found, allowing the maintenance of their relations (commercial, neighbourly, friendly, family, good name, etc.) or its improvement, through an attitude of civic responsibility and cooperation, respectful and confidential, in solving the problem.
Do you elaborate Drafts and Contracts?
We prepare and provide drafts of texts and legal documents, namely, contracts, powers of attorney, minutes, letters, applications, etc. Texts elaborated with rigor and topicality, in various areas of Law.
How is your team built?
All of our exerienced lawyers are fully registred members of the OAA (Angolan Bar Association). Our team is, also, endowed with a solid academic background and knowledge in various legal spheres and sectors of activity. These facts allow us to advise clients with technical quality and responsiveness.
Do you a have a pricing policy?
Because we are the clients' legal service providers and non-partners, we calculate our fees essentially based on the amount of time spent, which is by nature the best method of the effort to be developed in face of specific difficulties. Specific services are provided against the payment of fixed amounts, established in an internal table, of which we previously informed our clients. With regard to the fixing of fees, we have adopted two basic rules:
1. Procedures that have a fixed value, established by an internal table.
2. Procedures that can only be valued according to the time spent and the income obtained in that time. We call this factor "useful time spent".
More about the Princing Policy
All tasks are recorded with reference to the time spent, in a computerized time-sheet, which allows the client to have a strict notion of the time spent and the work performed, registered in court proceedings to which he also has access. If the time recorded is excessive for the developed task, it is reduced by the supervisor. Each category of lawyer has a hourly rate, depending on their experience and the lawyers-trainees are overseen by the most experienced lawyers. At the end of each case, depending on the results obtained, the value of the fees can be influenced by a "cause result function", which has a sense of success fee. This function is never applied when the result is not considered satisfactory, which can sometimes occur, despite our greatest diligence.
What's Our Address?
J&H - Advogados office is located in Luanda - Angola at Emílio M’Bidi street, 64 (formerly knon as Garcia de Resende), at Bairro Alvalade.
The Lawyers
Our team of lawyers has a solid academic background and is endowed with knowledge in various legal spheres and sectors of activity, which allow us to advise clients with technical quality and responsiveness.

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